Continuing Education

Professional development for community association managers allows them to serve their association clients to the highest degree, while also furthering their knowledge and growth within the industry. That is why we are excited for the opportunity to provide industry leading education to your management team!

Each course is developed by a team of professionally licensed Engineers who have collectively conducted 6,200 reserve studies. As a leading provider of reserve studies, each educational program is supported by the latest industry trends and best practices. Learn from the industries leading experts!

House and reserves

Reserve Studies: What, How, Interpret

CE: 1 hour for CMCAs, 1 hour for Florida CAMs (IFM or ELE)

This course provides your management team with the fundamental knowledge of what reserves are and what makes up a reserve study. Your management team will learn about the reserve study process and how to interpret and relay pertinent information to their Boards.

Financial Plan

Implementing and Utilizing Your Reserve Study

CE: 1 hour for CMCAs, 1 hour for Florida CAMs (IFM or ELE)

A reserve study is a valuable resource for management, fiduciaries, and homeowners. Your management team will receive an in-depth review of the distribution of the report to each stakeholder, as well as the analysis and implementation of the reserve study professionals findings and recommendations. Attendees will learn how to apply their reserve study beyond facilitation of the annual budgeting process.

Piggy Bank

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Reserving For The Future

CE: 1 hour for Florida CAMs (IFM or ELE), 1 hour for Florida CMCAs

This program highlights the ins and outs of reserves, reserve studies, component method funding, cash flow or “pooled” funding and items often overlooked in reserve schedules. Your management team will receive an in-depth understanding of requirements and procedures for establishing reserves for community associations, with a special emphasis on statutes 718.112 and 720.303 and Florida Administrative Code 61B-22.005.

Adding Machine

Budgeting & Reserves - Florida Community Associations

CE: 2 hours for Florida CAMs (IFM or ELE), 2 hours for Florida CMCAs

Proper budgeting for operating maintenance and reserve expenses is the single best way a Board can ensure the financial health of their community. This program will explore best practices for community association budgeting for annual operating maintenance as well as reserves for capital expenditures and deferred maintenance. Your management team will learn about the budget process, conducting a reserve analysis, component vs cash flow funding models and common budget pitfalls to avoid.

Additional Course Offerings

Capital Planning for Aging Infrastructure (CE: 1 hour for CMCAs) – Download course flyer
This program reviews all aspects of reserve funding and reserve studies from the perspective of a Professional Engineer that has completed nearly 3,000 reserve studies. Attendees will learn reserve funding theories, capital project planning considerations and how a custom-comprehensive reserve study promotes a viable financial future and informed decision making.

Reserves: Studies, Funding, and Banking (CE: 1 hour for CMCAs) – Download course flyer
This program reviews CAI’s National Reserve Study Standards and real world examples of underfunded reserves. Attendees will learn about reserve fund insurance, investment options and lending options.

Additional Resources
The continuing education that Andrew provided to our team has allowed us to engage our reserve studies more frequently and efficiently. Our Managers and Board of Directors have clear and concise direction for their communities as a result.
Spencer Powell, President/Owner
Alamo Management Group • San Antonio, TX

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