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High-Rise Associations

Helping Communities Plan for Large Expenditure Capital Projects

High-rise associations are oftentimes the most complex type of building to maintain as they encounter more capital intensive projects than other types of developments. From facade repairs to elevator controls and domestic water piping and other major building infrastructure, a professional reserve study is critical to understanding capital repair and replacement needs of your building and to establishing a financial plan to fund critical projects as they occur.

Exterior Building Elements

Maintaining exterior building components of high-rise structures is critical to minimize the potential for water infiltration and continued deterioration of structural components. A reserve study from Reserve Advisors helps Boards develop a financial plan to fund façade restorations (including concrete, masonry and curtain wall systems) and to replace roofing systems in a timely manner.

Exterior Facade

Interior Building Elements

Well maintained common areas create a positive aesthetic impression for owners and prospective buyers. The cost to update common areas including hallways, lobbies and amenities plays a significant role in molding annual reserve contribution requirements that support maintaining interior common areas.

Building Services Elements

Service interruptions related to failure to maintain or replace mechanical equipment in a timely manner can be very inconvenient and costly. Our thorough understanding of complex building services systems such as piping, elevators and electrical guides Boards in making informed decisions as to when to consider replacement of mechanical components and how to fund those expenditures.

Building Mechanicals

Garage Elements

Failure to maintain a traffic coating on elevated garage floors or to sufficiently address concrete repairs can result in reinforcing steel corrosion and concrete damage. The cost of repairs can grow rapidly when communities fail to remediate the conditions in a timely manner. A reserve study from Reserve Advisors evaluates garage conditions and incorporates repair expenditures that minimize future deterioration.

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Our easy-to-use Reserve Study includes detailed information not found in other reports.
Reserve Advisors understands that our community involves real people with real concerns for our future needs. They worked with us to ensure our reserve funding plan addressed our concerns while supporting our long-term needs. Where other firms are focused on the numbers, Reserve Advisors is focused on the client and the community they serve.
Susan Rak, Manager
Jensen Beach Country Club Association, Inc. • Jensen Beach, FL

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