Reserve Studies: delivering unbiased guidance that supports your community’s long-term physical and financial health

What is a Reserve Study?

A reserve study is a long-range capital planning tool that helps boards anticipate and prepare for the repair and replacement of their community’s common assets. A reserve study includes both an in-depth analysis of the property’s physical condition and a thorough examination of current reserve funds. The resulting reserve study report presents a prioritized schedule of capital projects and a reserve funding plan to offset future costs associated with repairing and replacing the common assets over the next 30-years.

Components of a Reserve Study

Executive Summary including key findings, prioritization of near-term capital projects, and projected reserve fund cash flow over the next 30-years.

Reserve Expenditures table that presents your entire component inventory and prioritizes each of your community’s capital projects in an easy-to-read format.

Reserve Funding Plan that meets your community’s future project needs and minimizes the risk of additional assessments.

A Comprehensive Report that delivers asset specific insights to enhance your ability to make informed decisions.

Roof Detail
Detailed photos

document the condition of each common asset

Project specific diagrams

that help you understand project scope

Preventative Maintenance
Recommended preventative maintenance activities

to maximize the useful life of each asset

Reserve Study Levels of Service

Reserve Study Levels
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Our easy-to-use Reserve Study includes detailed information not found in other reports.
We met with our Reserve Advisors engineer prior to his site visit and it was clear that he was fully aware of our entire building and our current situation. He worked with us in an expert manner during the on-site visit, was patient with us throughout the entire process, and always got back to us immediately whenever we had questions.
Karen Langenwalter, Treasurer
The Meridian Condominium, Inc. • Lakewood, OH