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Preventative Maintenance Reports

What is a Preventative Maintenance Report?

A preventative maintenance report is a detailed planning tool that outlines best practice maintenance activities for community maintained assets. It includes a detailed schedule of maintenance tasks or activities to ensure each asset is adequately maintained, thus maximizing life expectancies and minimizing annual cost of ownership.

The Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (MCIOA)

In 2017, the MCIOA, which governs the operation of condominium associations and other common interest communities, was passed by the state legislature. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 515B.3-107 – Upkeep of Common Interest Community, association boards shall prepare and approve a written preventative maintenance plan, maintenance schedule, and maintenance budget for the common elements. Communities that are regulated by the MCIOA receive a preventative maintenance report that assists with satisfying the statutory requirements.

Components of a Preventative Maintenance Report

Recommended Maintenance Schedule outlining the frequency and scheduling recommendations for maximizing remaining useful lives of key common assets.
Preventative Maintenance Best Practices that provide guidance on industry best practices to avoid premature deterioration and failure of common assets.
Operating vs. Capital Budget Details documenting which capital repair projects are accounted for and budgeted through the reserve plan in order to avoid double budgeting.
Preventative Maintenance Worksheet in Excel format that allows Boards to track, record, and update pricing for ongoing preventative maintenance activities.
Preventative Maintenance Plan Sample Report
I appreciated the professionalism and thoroughness of your review. It will help our association plan for the future.
Edward Clift, Board President
Button Row Homeowners Association, Inc. • Savannah, GA

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