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Funding Work

Financing Capital Replacement Projects

When it comes to financing capital replacement projects, there are several funding options available to associations. Ideally, an association will have enough in reserves to complete the project in a timely manner, but there are other options accessible if this is not the case. 

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Electrical Inspection

Levels of Reserve Studies

Reserve studies are a useful capital planning tool for any association, but in order for your reserve study to work best for your association, it’s crucial that you choose and implement the correct reserve study service. There are four levels of reserve studies as defined by the Community Associations Institute. It’s important to understand the scope of each and how they can contribute to your association’s long-term success.

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Concrete Spalling

Aging Infrastructure – Knowing What’s at Stake

Too often with aging buildings, maintaining aesthetic elements becomes more important than maintaining building integrity. Understanding your aging infrastructure’s ins and outs, board liability, insurance, and practical steps for your board or association to take are all part of the world of building and community management.

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Site Inspection

What Is A Reserve Study & What Is It Not?

When you go to the doctor for your yearly checkup, chances are you’re seeing a family doctor or general practitioner. If your doctor identifies an underlying health issue with your heart for example, they will point you in the direction of a cardiologist for further testing to uncover the root of the internal issue.

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Reserve Funding Methods

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Arbitrary percent funded values do not provide a complete measure of the health of your reserve funds. Threshold funding provides a clear understanding of financial health.

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Group Meeting

What to Know as a First-Time Board Member

Becoming a board member of an HOA or community association is an exciting move. But with a newfound position comes potentially unfamiliar responsibilities. Let’s explore the essential things you need to know to be a successful board member!

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Roofing Contractor

The Value Of Establishing Dependable Service Provider Relationships

No two community associations are the same, so it’s imperative to create relationships with service providers that don’t approach their work in a one size fits all manner. From your Board’s decision to choose a particular vendor until the work is done and beyond, it’s important to work with firms that keep you in the loop.

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What is Included in a Reserve Study?

A Reserve Study is made up of two parts, as defined by Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) – the Physical Analysis and the Financial Analysis of the common elements.

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