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Having completed over 230 reserve studies for 200 clients in the area, Reserve Advisors is proud to serve the city of Cincinnati. As your local leader of reserve study consulting services, our team’s unmatched experience and familiarity with local conditions and project costs ensure you will receive the most reliable assessment of your specific capital planning needs.
Bradford Place
“Matt Ferguson was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional and made for a smooth process. Our reserve study was received in a timely manner and the report was easy to read and understand.”
Teran Smith, Community Association Manager

Bradford Place Euclid Homeowners' Association, Inc. | Cincinnati, Ohio

Guidance You Can Trust

Reserve Studies work to convey your community’s capital planning needs to current and future boards, along with supporting the Board’s fiduciary responsibility to maintain and enhance the community. A properly maintained community increases curb appeal and enhances property values, ultimately making the association a more desirable one to be a part of.

Detailed Understanding

We deliver easy-to-use reports that communicate the current and future state of your reserve funds and capital project scheduling.

Continued Guidance

When you receive your report, we’re happy to attend a board meeting to communicate our findings on your behalf and answer any questions you may have. But we aren’t just by your side during the reserve study process - we’re available to your association and future stakeholders for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no statutory requirement to conduct a reserve study in the state of Ohio. However, we recommend all associations commission a study and periodic updates to stay on track with reserve funding and capital projects.

Short answer: kind of. Unless otherwise provided in the declaration or bylaws, associations shall adopt and amend budgets for expenditures and reserves in an amount adequate to repair and replace major capital items as needed without special assessments (unless waived by a majority vote of unit owners).

Prior to starting the reserve study, our consultant reviews your community’s governing documents that identify what is association responsibility. However, it is not uncommon for the governing documents to not be specific enough to properly determine which common elements are maintained through the association’s reserve account. As such, our initial review is followed up with a discussion with management and/or the board about each of the common elements and whether they want them included in the reserve study. While the association is responsible for maintaining all of the common elements, there is some latitude for the board to choose how they maintain them, and from which budget, reserves or operating. Those that are funded through reserves are included in the reserve study.
We base our estimates of replacement costs from privately sourced data, our proprietary database of client project costs, the unique conditions of your property, and our unmatched cost-engineering experience. Our privately sourced data reflects only your prevailing local labor and material costs. Additionally, we consider additional costs related to demolition, mobilization, and your unique existing conditions. We also apply information from our proprietary database of thousands of replacement projects sourced from client projects. Many of which are specific to your area.
Several factors influence the necessary level of reserve funds. The age and condition of each common element that the Association is responsible for, maintenance practices, interest earned on reserve funds, as well as inflationary adjustments that directly affect future costs. The reserve study includes an analysis of each of these factors and provides recommended contributions that establishes and maintains an adequate level of reserves.
A reasonable minimum threshold reserve balance, or low point in the cash flow analysis, will vary and is property specific. Variables that we consider when developing a minimum threshold for your Association include property size, property type, property age, and the capital intensive nature of the Association’s expenditures during the threshold year and the years immediately following.

Your reserve study is an invaluable resource. As your long-term partner we want to ensure you understand the results of the report and recommendations for maintaining your Association’s common property. Our consultants are available to present our findings and recommendations to you and your Board. Furthermore, we understand that Boards change over time. Our team is also available for future stakeholders. If you have a question about the report or about a particular project, now or in the future, we encourage you to contact us.

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