Corporate Headquarters

735 N. Water Street, Suite 175

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Reserve Advisors, Inc. to Operate as Reserve Advisors, LLC


October 18, 2019 – The change comes as the founders, Theodore Salgado and John Poehlmann, transition ownership of the company to the existing management team, new CEO Peter Hellman, and Bel Air Growth Partners. A key goal of the transition is to partner with the existing management team while continuing to provide technical advice with exceptional customer service that has been the signature of the organization since 1991.

When asked why they chose the new ownership team, the founders said, “The new ownership structure provides greater opportunities to invest more resources in the company. These resources will be used to strategically scale the business in ways that provide additional value to our clients. We felt it was a win for our clients and our employees.” Salgado and Poehlmann will stay on for a period of time to help provide a seamless transition of CEO duties to Mr. Hellman.

Todd Walter, VP of Engineering, celebrating his 20th anniversary with Reserve Advisors this year, had this to say about the change, “Through the years our clients have come to expect an exceptional reserve study experience. We are dedicated to delivering on this expectation by retaining the unique culture that we have developed at Reserve Advisors over the past 28 years.”

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