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Defect Surveys

What is a Defect Survey?

A defect survey is a non-invasive, visual inspection of common elements to identify possible defects. This optional service, which is part of a reserve study, documents potential defects and provides guidance as to the merits of conducting invasive investigations. It is best practice to obtain a defect survey prior to or shortly after your association is turned over from Declarant control.

What Does a Defect Survey Include?

Apart from the condition assessment included with the reserve study, the defect survey further documents the following:

Enumerated list of possible defects
Photographs of visually apparent defects (examples below)
Description of possible defective conditions
Examples of locations of visually apparent defects
Guidance as to the merits of conducting invasive investigations

Improper gutter slope

Water Damage

Evidence of water pooling and draining over the side due to improper gutter slope

Concrete sidewalk crack

Undermining of sidewalk due to erosion and lack of adequate ground cover

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