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Reserve Advisors Celebrates Team Success and Supports Growth at 2023 All-Staff Retreat

December 4, 2023 – Reserve Advisors recently held its bi-annual All-Staff Retreat in Orlando, Florida. This three-day event brought together employees from across the country for a time of learning, growth, and team building.

The retreat (fondly dubbed “RA-Venture”) welcomed 72 of our 79 employees from 22 different office locations. Employees participated in leadership training and team-building activities, learned about the important intricacies of the client experience, and celebrated the company’s growth and teams’ accomplishments. Various sessions and events were organized with the overarching goal of investing in each team member’s growth and recognizing their professional accomplishments.

The retreat kicked off with a training session for our leadership team that focused on empowering managers to lead with greater effectiveness. Facilitated by Candor Coach Lele Mason of Radical Candor, the session covered a range of topics including effective communication and conflict resolution. The training provided managers across departments with the skills they need to continue leading their teams to success.

Staff Training 2023

Three expert speakers led company-wide sessions designed to advance the knowledge, skillsets, and expertise of our entire team.

  1. Impactful Customer Interactions: The Heart of Client Experience – Branding expert Adam Albrecht of the Milwaukee-based marketing consulting agency, The Weaponry, led employees through the client experience, discussing its intricacies and the impact it has on building trust and creating positive and engaging client partnerships. Topics covered included best practices for communication, problem-solving, and examples of delivering exceptional service to our clients.
  2. Change Begins With You – Founder and CEO of Momentum Institute, Vered Kogan, led a workshop on personal and organizational change. This interactive session focused on helping employees develop the skills and mindsets to achieve their potential while effectively managing change in today’s disruptive environment.
  3. Time Management – Amy Leslie, CEO of Perspective Consulting, led an interactive session where team members learned about what influences individuals in the workplace and were presented with strategies to drive effective team and time management.


Team Building 2023

Reserve Advisors experienced significant growth and achieved numerous milestones since our last All-Staff retreat in 2021, so a celebration was in order. Team and individual achievements were recognized at an evening of dinner and bowling, serving as an opportunity to come together to not only celebrate but continue to build upon a culture of teamwork, employee engagement, and recognition.

The retreat offered plenty of opportunities for team bonding and fun, and employees were encouraged to ask questions about the future of Reserve Advisors in a town hall session with leadership. The retreat concluded with a friendly rendition of Family Feud, pitting the firm’s teams against one another for bragging rights. Gathering colleagues to connect with their peers and build upon the firm’s collective culture will always be integral to the success of the entire Reserve Advisors team, and more importantly, the success of the clients we serve.

The All-Staff retreat was a resounding success, providing employees with valuable training, allowing them to celebrate individual and team achievements, and strengthening bonds across teams. We believe investing in our team is an investment in the success and satisfaction of our clients because effective results can never be achieved with an ineffective team. The experiences gained in Orlando will support Reserve Advisors in helping our clients achieve even greater success in the years to come.

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