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Reid Nelson Receives Community Associations Institute’s Reserve Specialist (RS) Designation

Reid Nelson RS

July 12, 2022 – Reid Nelson, RS, is a member of Reserve Advisors’ Engineering Team, serving the firm’s clients from its Oak Park, IL office. A graduate of Montana Technological University, Nelson received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. As an engineer, he is responsible for conducting life cycle cost analyses of building and site components and developing customized reserve study solutions that support Common Interest Realty Associations in the maintenance and operation of their common property. This is Nelson’s first job out of college. 

Since joining Reserve Advisors in 2020, Nelson has worked with more than 125 townhome-style condominiums and homeowners associations. His favorite part of the job is getting to know and interact with his clients, providing them with ongoing capital planning support and a path towards a brighter future for each individual association.

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