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Andrew McGowan Receives Professional Engineer (PE) License

May 11, 2022 – Reserve Advisors is pleased to announce that Andrew McGowan has received his professional engineer (PE) license in the state of Illinois. As a PE, Mr. McGowan has demonstrated a fundamental understanding of buildings and systems through the successful completion of the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and the Principles and Practices of Engineering exam. Since joining the firm in 2018, McGowan has completed over 300 reserve studies for condominium associations throughout Illinois, Ohio, and various other states. His breadth of experience and embodiment of our customer-first approach has led him to achieve his Professional Engineer (PE) designation, and we could not be more proud.

At Reserve Advisors, we pride ourselves on our incredible engineering staff who conduct life cycle cost analyses that work to help community associations achieve and maintain financial and physical health. Mr. McGowan joins the firm’s team of 13 licensed professional engineers who are committed to providing clients with full engagement, detailed understanding, and long-term support in planning for their community’s future.

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