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What Does a Reserve Study Include?

Our custom reserve studies include two parts:

  • Physical Analysis
    Focuses on the common property elements and includes a component inventory, condition assessment and life and valuation estimates.

  • Financial Analysis
    Recommends reserve fund contributions for capital expenditures over the next 30 years and includes the current fund status and suggested funding plan.

With a reserve study from Reserve Advisors, you also get access to ForeSite, our proprietary software solution. With ForeSite, your original study remains intact but you can create a copy and try out different scenarios – reduce the reserve contributions, raise the interest rate or change replacement timing. It's up to you.

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A reserve study from Reserve Advisors includes additional detailed information that many community association managers and board members find helpful.

  • Our engineers identify problems or defects, assess the remaining useful lives of elements and document problems with color photographs. We provide insight and advice on how to maintain property elements to extend their useful lives. This Enhanced Solutions and Procedures (ESP) information is something other companies don't deliver.
  • We use our proprietary database of contractor bids, local estimates and historical costs to establish the most accurate local repair and replacement costs.

Easy-to-Understand Reserve Studies

A reserve study from Reserve Advisors summarizes the key findings at the beginning of the report.

Our reports include:

Executive Summary

  • Quickly summarizes the main findings of your study and can be used as a board meeting handout
  • Identifies the number of common property elements requiring capital repair or replacement during the next 30 years
  • Assesses whether the current reserve funding plan will properly fund the capital expenditures for the next 30 years
  • Prioritizes near-term projects and capital expenditures
  • Recommends an adequate and reasonable reserve funding plan for replacement of all your property elements

Narrative Section

Reserve Advisors is the only reserve study provider that delivers a comprehensive, 40 to 60-page section to clients.

  • Provides a Condition Assessment of each property component by an experienced engineer, and delivers recommendations on when repairs or replacements need to be done. Color photos document conditions and problems, such as drainage issues, isolated roof defects, warped siding, etc.
  • Delivers Money-Saving Advice to extend the life of common property components, based on our knowledge and extensive experience. For example, Reserve Advisors recommends specific procedures to maximize the useful life of roofs, asphalt pavement, paint applications, etc.

The Narrative Section of Reserve Advisors study also includes helpful schematics to explain property components such as roofs.

  • Helps With Contractor Bids. Our reserve studies include advice on what to look for when deciding whether to repair or replace an element. These recommendations also help you evaluate contractor bids. For example, contractors' proposals may not meet the minimum standards of care we refer to in our narrative report recommendations. Our illustrations of roofs or retaining wall construction can assist in obtaining and evaluating contractor proposals, which saves valuable time in meetings.

Exhibit Section

Reserve Advisors report includes color tables and large, easy-to-read graphs that illustrate capital expenditures and reserve funding levels.

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Thousands of property owners, community association managers and board members throughout the country rely on our expert recommendations, which establish a repair/replacement schedule and reserve fund budgets.

The exhibits provided include:

  • Table of Reserve Expenditures
  • Table of Recommended Reserve Funding
  • 30-year Graph of Reserve Expenditures and Reserve Funding
  • Pie Chart illustrating the relative importance of each property element by anticipated future replacement costs

Supplementary Information Section

This section provides your accountant summary information of reserve expenditures and reserve funding that's needed to prepare financial statements for your association.

Definitions Section

For those unfamiliar with reserve studies, we provide a glossary to define terms commonly used in a reserve study.