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Reserve Studies

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Most reserve studies, often called "custom," include 1) a condition assessment and replacement cost estimates of a community association's common elements and 2) a reserve funding plan to pay for future replacements when they are incurred. Often times, the "custom" reserve study is presented in a series of computer generated tables of theoretical remaining lives and generalized costs.

Our easy-to-use Reserve Study includes detailed information not found in other reports. From local project costs to project-specific best practices, we provide the details you rely on to manage your association with total confidence. Better yet, a Reserve Study from Reserve Advisors is an interactive system that provides a dynamic platform to evaluate alternative funding levels and individual projects to better plan for the future.

Contents of a Reserve Advisors Reserve Study

Ease-of-use is the product of our 30+ multi-disciplined engineers who collaborate on your report to ensure you’re getting a realistic funding plan and cost-saving recommendations. Inside your comprehensive Reserve Study, you’ll find...

Executive Summary with:

  • Project Prioritization listing near-term and major projects.
  • Key findings and recommendations in a concise table at a glance.
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Tables & Graph

  • Expenditures – View everything on one spreadsheet from current and future costs, quantities, timing and remaining lives of common elements.
  • Funding PlanReasonable, yet adequate reserve contributions that meet your future project needs and minimizes homeowners’ fear of special assessments.
  • Reserve Funding Graph – Easily communicate your community’s financial plan to homeowners with a single graph that indicates annual expenditures, reserve contributions and the reserve account balance for the next 30 years.
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Comprehensive Report including specific insight on each common element

  • Accurate assessment of your property’s condition, prioritized replacements and realistic costs.
  • Documentation of early signs of problems to address before they escalate.
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  • Element-specific opportunities to save money through alternative replacement options such as partial replacement to extend useful lives.
  • Recommendation of preventative maintenance activities that help extend the useful life of common elements.
  • Detailed information to help you understand the scope of future projects, including construction methodology and best practices.
  • In depth insight and project-specific diagrams to help you compare contractor bids and help you negotiate thousands of dollars in savings.
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A Remarkably Simple Reserve Study System

Using your study has never been easier. Our remarkably simple reserve study system:

  • Helps you achieve a deeper engagement with your properties
  • Provides a more effective way to manage your capital project schedule
  • Facilitates your association’s long-term planning and budget process

Reserve Advisors' reserve study system includes the reserve study report in PDF format, Excel spreadsheets with formulas, and ForeSite - the industry leading cloud-based platform that provides an enhanced user experience. And, best of all, our experienced engineers and live support are available after we deliver your report.

The Report - Comprehensive and customized to your property. Easily access your reserve study with one-click, anytime and from anywhere. Download and print your expenditure and funding plan spreadsheets in panoramic multi-page format.

Excel - Your reserve study comes with formulas in a spreadsheet for creating what-if alternative scenarios. Change quantities, replacement costs and timing of individual components. Increase or decrease reserve contributions. Adjust inflation and interest rates.

ForeSite - Our cloud-based solution promotes easy collaboration with your board. Track actual project costs and reserve contributions in real-time. Record comments/photos and store contractor bid documents so new and existing board members have access to these files.

ForeSite Plus - Allows multiple users to create/model, explore and save various scenarios of replacements and reserve contributions, allowing your board to easily and efficiently plan for the future.