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Manager of Excellence

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson, CFCAM, CAM, of Southwest Property Management Corp. has been recognized with the Managers of Excellence award.

Steve has been in the industry for more than two decades and was on-site manager for Island Walk Homeowners Association for 14 years. During that time, his HOA was recognized twice as “HOA of the Year” by the Community Associations Institute. Steve is currently vice president of operations for Southwest Property Management.

Steve’s tips for effective community management include:

Educate Yourself – Know all aspects of your properties and learn what each element requires in terms of ongoing operations, regular maintenance, repair and replacement. I firmly believe in pushing yourself to learn something new every day.

Know the Finances – It’s your responsibility to steer the board of directors in the right direction so be sure you know the association’s short-term and long-term finances.

Listen Closely – Listening is a key skill many managers overlook. Listening closely will help you more effectively address board and homeowner concerns.

Communicate Honestly – Every recommendation should be based on facts, not on opinion. And, even if the truth isn’t what people want to hear, it’s your job to deliver the honest reality of a situation.

Use Documentation – Since there are thousands of decisions made yearly, be sure to keep documentation and background on each topic, issue and project. That information becomes invaluable when something comes up for discussion later on.

Managers of Excellence