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Manager of Excellence

Sher Trombley

Megan Q. Smith, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, with Maredith Management has been recognized with the Managers of Excellence award.

Megan has seven years of industry experience and, as COO, directs all operations for Maredith, including homeowner association management, community association manager training and board member education.

Megan's tips for effective community management include:

Pursue Advanced Learning – Take advantage of the classes CAI offers and attain the designations. For new managers, the designations instill confidence and create a deep base of industry knowledge.

Set Expectations – Establish clear expectations early on so everyone knows exactly what to expect from you and your team.

Establish Trust by Delivering – Build trust with board members and the association by fulfilling promises and meeting deadlines. For example, if you say you will reply to voicemails and emails within 1-2 business days, do it. If you say financials will be ready by the 15th, make sure they are.

Provide Board Education Opportunities – Host a monthly conversation to discuss relevant topics. Informed board members will be better leaders and better partners with the management team.

Stay Positive – Association management can be a tough profession but staying positive is key. Seek out positive people coworkers, vendors and board members and celebrate any and all successes.


Managers of Excellence