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Manager of Excellence

Lisa Herthenrother

Lisa Hergenrother, CMCA, AMS, with Waccamaw Management has been recognized with a Managers of Excellence award.

Hergenrother has been with Waccamaw for five years and previously spent 25 years in the public and nonprofit sectors. She currently oversees a diverse portfolio of 8 associations, including one of the area's largest master plan communities with 2,800 residences.

When she joined Waccamaw in 2012, Hergenrother was new to the industry and wanted to learn as much about it as she could. Through CAI, earned her CMCA and AMS certifications and has plans to pursue her PCAM.

As a Manager of Excellence, Hergenrother has advice for those in the field.

  • Develop a Team – There are so many resources who are necessary for success in association management. Develop and nurture relationships with your colleagues and vendors because they contribute invaluable experience, knowledge and insight to your team.
  • Ask for Help – I've learned to never "suffer in silence." Go to your resources and ask questions. You'll be amazed with the answers and information you receive.
  • Keep Learning – CAI is an invaluable resource. Attend the chapter meetings, read the articles they provide and take their classes.
  • Communicate Often – Make it a priority to keep board leaders and members updated and in the loop. They need to be informed and ready to respond to homeowner questions when they come up.
  • Utilize a Reserve Study – I firmly believe in the value of a reserve study and rely on it as a critical planning tool. I've found that people who are looking to buy a home in an HOA are reassured when they find out you have a reserve study in place. They know the HOA is looking toward the future and is planning for it.

Managers of Excellence