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Manager of Excellence

Kimberly Holmstrom

Kimberly Holmstrom, PCAM, MS, with Associa® Community Group has been recognized with a Managers of Excellence award.

Holmstrom has 40 years of industry experience, including a decade in low income housing for the elderly. She later moved to community management and has spent nearly 30 years with Community Group. She currently manages a portfolio of six properties with four on-site managers plus staff.

As a Manager of Excellence, Holmstrom has advice for those in the field.

  • Put Your Feet on the Ground – All managers need to get out from behind their desk and walk their properties. They need to know their assets and what's going on with them. The best way to do that is on-site, in person.
  • Take Your Ego Out of It – Instead of thinking you know what's best, listen to your on-site staff and residents. Absorb what they're telling you and incorporate that information into a future plan.
  • Communicate a Lot – Board communication is key. Holmstrom often sends emails that start with "No action required, just keeping you in the loop." It's her way of updating the board and encouraging them to chime in, if they have feedback or thoughts.
  • Address Issues Immediately – Everyone makes mistakes and most mistakes can be fixed, if they're addressed right away. Things get really bad when they're ignored. Holmstrom's advice is to always face things, never hide from them.
  • Plan for the Future – Holmstrom advises all managers to create a financial plan for the future and a roadmap of how they're going to get there. A reserve study is a key component of that. It's an excellent planning tool that allows an association to run smoothly and avoid surprises.

Managers of Excellence