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Manager of Excellence

Laurie VelasquezKelly Decker, CMCA, PCAM, of Talis Management has been recognized with the Managers of Excellence award.

Kelly has been actively involved in property management for more than 20 years. She enjoys sharing her experience with others and has taught board 101 classes, served on a legislative action committee for CAI-NC, and enjoys working with developer properties.

Kelly's tips for effective community management include:

Plan Ahead – Since the budget season is hectic, Kelly makes sure she's highly organized heading into the fall and does as much prep as she can ahead of time.

Use Your Resources – Kelly knows boards appreciate a community manager's expertise and guidance but they also value other experts' inspections, reports and information. She regularly shares insightful literature with her boards and managers, such as GAP reports and industry related literature.

Identify the Root Cause – Kelly listens closely to her boards and their problems. Then, she digs deeper to identify the root cause of the problem and drafts a resolution to address the issue. Her boards use the draft as a starting point and adopt it as they need.

Educate Your Board – Kelly is a strong proponent of reserve studies. She uses them for budgeting, management and board education. She says a reserve study provides an outside recommendation that explains to the board the remaining useful life; i.e. in other words, what needs to be done, when and why.


Managers of Excellence