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Manager of Excellence

Judy Ramos

Judy Ramos, CMCA, with ACM Community Management has been recognized with a Managers of Excellence award.

Ramos has nearly 10 years of industry experience and currently oversees four large, suburban homeowner associations that range in size from 620 to 138 units.

As a Manager of Excellence, Ramos has advice for those in the field.

  • Communicate – It's imperative that board members are kept up-to-date and informed since homeowners often ask them questions. Ramos utilizes emails, phone calls and a weekly report that includes violations, project status updates, and notifications of upcoming projects.
  • Stay Organized – Ramos makes it a priority to stay on top of her emails and systematically organizes them. Those that have been addressed are placed into specific association folders. Others that are pending remain in her inbox until they've been resolved.
  • Practice People Skills – Ramos says listening fully and withholding your opinion until you've thoroughly investigated a situation is key to successfully working with board members and homeowners.
  • Utilize Experts – Ramos recommends building a network of trusted professionals, including an attorney, accountant, reserve study provider and contractors. Ramos frequently reviews and references information contained in her associations' reserve studies. When she's budgeting, she consults the financial analysis and replacement schedule. She also relies on the detailed project specifications and recommendations the reserve study reports include.

Managers of Excellence