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What Is an Insurance Appraisal?

Insurance Appraisals - Request A Complimentary Proposal

An insurance appraisal from Reserve Advisors determines a property's new replacement cost based on a thorough on-site inspection conducted by one of our experienced, independent professionals. The accuracy of a property's replacement cost is critical toward ensuring a community association is not over or under insured.

Economic changes can affect the amount of insurance coverage associations need. For example, construction costs have, in many cases, held constant or decreased due to the economy. An insurance appraisal can eliminate the annual inflation increases in insurance premiums.

A current Reserve Advisors insurance appraisal helps associations avoid paying too much in insurance premiums. We can also eliminate the mistake of inadvertently self-insuring by having too little insurance. When an association is underinsured, property owners run the risk of paying a portion of the rebuilding costs in the event of a loss.