Energy Services

Energy Services

From understanding your multi-family residential building’s energy consumption to implementing energy cost savings solutions, Reserve Advisors offers a range of energy consulting services designed to guide your property towards a more sustainable future. Whether your main goal is to reduce your environmental footprint, to minimize costs, or to meet legislative requirements, our trained consultants provide a range of services to help you meet your energy related goals.

Reduce Environmental Footprint

Reducing energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Minimize Energy Costs

Multi-family buildings can improve energy efficiency by 15-30%, which directly impacts operating expenses.

Meet Legislative Compliance

Over 45 local and state governments have adopted building performance standards (BPS), requiring building owners to meet performance targets over time.


Energy Benchmarking

Energy benchmark reporting is the most effective way to track and analyze a multi-story residential building’s energy consumption over time. It establishes a baseline performance that can be compared to other buildings of similar size and serves as a starting point to establishing long-term energy efficiency goals.

ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit

A Level I Energy Audit identifies and presents potential energy savings. The Audit comprises an Energy Benchmark and presents:

  • Historical energy usage
  • Low cost, medium cost, and high cost intensive measures
  • Cost savings ratings in the form of low, medium and high
  • Applicable Utility rebates

ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit

A Level II Energy Audit identifies and presents potential energy savings. In addition to items listed in the ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit, this service presents:

  • Itemized energy data by End Use
  • Recommended implementation costs
  • Anticipated savings

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